Madcap Variety Company tours New Mexico

For many years I have performed with variety or vaudeville and circus performers, starting on Mallory Dock in Key West and through my years as a busker and event performer in Europe, Japan and World Expositions. In addition to rotating in as a featured act I have accompanied acts of various stripes on a range of instruments, including my sax, of course. With my two long-time friends and performing partners Leapin' Louie Lichtenstein and Rhys Thomas, I just returned from an 11-day tour of New Mexico as Madcap Variety Company, playing college towns like Silver City, Las Vegas and Socorro, as well as Tucumcari, Taos, Artesia and a Navajo reservation. Leapin' Louie is a juggler who also has impressive skills as a cowboy roper and he gets a lot of down-home harmonica playing from me as well as a rather novel arrangement of "Im an Old Cowhand" Rhys Thomas and I have done occasional tours for years now and have integrated jazz ballads with plate juggling and lively fake Latin drumming with crazy plate spinning and absurd multi-tasking stunts, such as when he hits a paddle ball with one hand, juggles two balls in the other while he spins a ring on his leg and a ball on a mouth-stick, and I play piano with my right hand, snare drum with my left, and harmonica in a rack while tap dancing! Needless to say, audiences love our zany shenanigans! It is hard not to like, and it even sounds good! (They say I have been making juggling sound better since 1983!) Madcap Variety Company has invented new tricks just for this show including a wonderful number involving over a dozen ordinary packing boxes! we will be editing some video soon and are seeking to book our special Holiday Show as well as more tours and local gigs. Please contact me for information about details and dates.

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