Tap Technical Articles from 1999-2000 


Tap Technical Articles - January 20, 2005 Note: the following articles originally appeared in 1999 and 2000 in On Tap, the International Tap Dance Association newsletter. e-tap An Introduction to Electronic Tap Dancing: MIDI Triggering by Michael “Shoehorn” Conley  The purpose of this short article is to acquaint readers with some basic theory and knowledge of electronic tap. I feel the potential for this medium to be limitless due to the variety of sounds that can be used.  All the electronic…


While I try to list as many shows as possible on my calendar, I don't play a whole lot of bars or public concerts.   I stay busy making music in schools, senior centers, private residences and various special events and conferences. My sax and tap chops are what I am best known for, (my "commercial" side if you will) but I have always played other instruments and sang and danced to a variety of music, including music that has never been performed in public. I am planning on making some of that available in…

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NEWS FROM MC SHOEHORN- June 2016. Shoehorn had a great success in Chicago on June 4th with Reggio McLaughlin's National Tap Dance Day concert, and reconnected with one of his earliest jamming buddies, Scott Hamill, who was with him the first time he ever made a sound on a sax many years ago. He also caught up with family living in the Windy City. There was also a Tap Festival in Portland the previous weekend, and Shoehorn's Tappercussion™ e-tap™ instrument was a hit, with a number of the guest…

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An update from MC Shoehorn, December 2015 

Well, the year started in Spokane, Washington when I launched a kickstarter crowdfunding campaign in the wee hours of January 1st after performing there the evening before. The kickstarter was successful and I raised the money to get my project started. The result is a new CD and a new DVD documenting some of my repertoire and recent work. The CD is titled "Wingin' It" and it features 3 outstanding percussionists, plus bass and keys, backing up my sax and tap. Later my daughter Eileen overdubbed voice on…

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Notes about the new MC Shoehorn DVD " Dances with Instruments" 

MC Shoehorn: "Dances with Instruments" DVD
Dances with Instruments

Fuego Azul ( Silk Road)

Gameplan: Gamelan

Crop Circles

It's Not You, It's Me

Waking Up in Mexico

One-Man Drum Circle

Neckstrapolation 2/27/15

Three Metals

Whole Blues


A Tapella
Michael "Shoehorn" Conley alto & soprano saxophones, tap dance, Tappercussion™ e-tap™ instrument, bongos, percussion, fife, xylophone, harmonica

 From the recording session for the CD
"Wingin' It" by MC Shoehorn:
"Ice Cream and Bubbles"
"ZapaMan Theme"
MC Shoehorn: alto…

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Notes about the new CD "Wingin' It" 

Wingin' It by MC Shoehorn © 2015 Michael Conley - Kutsubera Music SPR-007
1. 42nd Street Harry Warren & Al Dubin 1932
2. Ice Cream and Bubbles (vocal version- Introducing Eileen Konomi Conley)
3. I Hi Tabidachi  Momoe Yamaguchi (山口百恵) 1978
4. I Don't Know Why (I Just Do) Fred E. Ahlert 1931
5.  ZapaMan Theme  (vocal version- with Eileen Konomi Conley)
6. Roses Love the Rain
7. 42nd Street (vocal version featuring MC Shoehorn)
8. Ice Cream and Bubbles (instrumental)
9. ZapaMan (instrumental)
10. It's Not You, It's…

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New Recordings! 

I have been recording all year with Fools in Paradise and I will soon be releasing some new recordings with Bronkar Lee as well.

The December 19 Blue Monk gig 

Wow, That was an incredible night! Claudinho and Alexandra are both great singers and the band was right with them. I was sitting in a high powered horn section and got to launch some inspired riffs. That and last month's Free Beat Nation gig opening for Sambada have reaffirmed my belief that music is a force for sanity and understanding in the turbulent worlds ( personal and societal) we inhabit. I am very interested in having some kind of work in Brazil as artist-in-residence or a little concert tour.