1. Okonomide

From the recording Okonomide

I have traveled to Japan many times and greatly admire many Japanese artists and performers. Sheena Ringo is one of my all-time favorites in any genre, anywhere!


This is an instrumental version of Okonomide ( roughly translated: "as you like it" ) by Sheena Ringo, a popular songwriter from Tokyo who has recorded various versions of this song, some of which I have seen on video. To me, she combines qualities of the Beatles, jazz and European cabaret singers in her performances and writing. In addition to rocking out with her quintet, Tokyo Jihen, she also incorporates traditional Japanese instruments into some of her tunes and pays homage to great singers of the past such as the late Misora Hibari, who emerged from post-WWII Yokohama to become a national treasure of Japan.
She sings in several languages other than Japanese and covers Manha de Carnaval, among other jazz standards. In addition to electric guitar she plays a mean melodica!