Jugglemania with Shoehorn. Shoehorn - one-man-pit orchestra!

I have had the pleasure of occasionally performing with daredevil comedian Rhys Thomas for the last several years. We have played in Las Vegas; Idaho, the Oregon Coast and Washington State. Rhys is one the best variety performers in the Northwest, multi-talented and very successful. The idea here is live music goes great with acrobatics and juggling tricks. Think Cirque-du- Soleil without the tights. (Also without the nubile foreign women doing provocative things on ropes) While I do play the sax and tap dance on some numbers, I also back Rhys on an array of instruments from my collection, including soprano and bass clarinets, snare drum and percussion, harmonica, piano, xylophone, and other stuff, some of it pretty exotic. Rhys tumbles and pirhouettes, rides a unicycle on a tight rope, ascends a ladder of swords barefoot, juggles and spins and twirls and balances objects, and tells jokes that are funny to the kids on one level and funny for their parents on another. This is a real old-school concept, as many of the old vaudeville and music halls had live jazz musicians playing their accompaniments and cues. I will add dates to this website as they come in.