Dennis Kucinich for President

To my fellow citizens. Hi everyone! I am announcing my support for Dennis Kucinich for President. I have no illusions that many of you care what I think about who would be a good president, but I urge you to take an open-minded look at his platform and ask if any other candidate has a more honest approach with better prospects for change - especially an end to the policy of overwhelming military responses to foreign policy challenges. If we are the truly the greatest power we need to lead the world by an example of peace, tolerance, social, economic, and environmental justice, communication and respect. Torture, invasions, bombing and bullying is not the American way that I was raised to respect and honor. It is as if the ruling elite in this country in both government and business spheres learned nothing from the 60s and 70s- the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights Movement, the Energy Crisis, the Environmental Movement, and all the advances in science and communication, which even I as an interested layman seem to know enough about. If I had any credentials I would run for office myself. Don't accept the wisecracks about Dennis or the notion that he is a fringe candidate. Register to vote and help get Kucinich on the ballot. I met Mrs. Kucinich at a fund raiser the other day (see photo page) and she is impressive in every way on the issues and in her humanity. These are real people! Elizabeth Kucinich has none of the phony aura of most politicians. She expertly articulates her husband's policies and radiates goodness. Throw your support behind Kucinich!

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