Cafe Cirque CD Release Party a big success!

My Cafe Cirque CD release Party at Jimmy Mak's was jammed with people- reservations were sold out and people were being packed in. My daughters, aka the VonTap Kids, joined us on stage during part of the first set, and the crowd loved them. The band played great and we were assisted by Pere Soto on guitar and David Valdez on tenor sax. Our special guest tap dancer from New York City, Max Pollak, exceeded even my expectations with his tight, slamming and dynamic Afro-Cuban-influenced rhythm tap dancing. I was able to release another CD the same night, Shoehorn the Blue Monk, a raw, live document of a gig at the Blue Monk, a club which no longer books live music. Recorded to minidisc, it features Pere Soto on guitar and electronics, Artis the Spoonman on spoon percussion and electronics (plus spoken word on track 1), Dan Gaynor on keyboards and electronics, and myself on sax, clarinet, fife, e-tap, tap, percussion etc. We are joined on tenor sax by David Valdez on 3 songs and by Sean Congos on trombone on 2 songs. It is a rollicking improvised joyride! Hop on!

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