Breast Cancer Month

October is Breast Cancer Month. You might ask what that has to do with Shoehorn, tap dance and sax music. It just so happens that Sharita, a belly dancer who appeared in one of my shows, who teaches and performs in Portland, is herself a breast cancer survivor and wrote a blues lyric about her ordeal with chemotherapy. This may resonate with many people due to the unfortunately high rate of cancer in our society. Sharita approached me about recording the song, and I was able to enlist the talents of the superb vocalist Marilyn Keller, blues guitar man- about-town Norman Sylvester, and one of my favorite piano men, Dan Gaynor. You can listen to the track by tapping the music button on this website and clicking on Sharita's Chemo Blues. I think it came out very well and may help heal some emotional scars of the deadly disease.

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