Summer is almost over. Sadly, Shoehorn was out with covid for the Cathedral Park show, but was soon back in action with other gigs, solo shows, and events with Smut City Jellyroll Society and Norman Sylvester. And 2-3 thousand people sang along with his new novelty song, A Beaver Sings, at the Midnight Show at Oregon Country Fair. (a song based on actual events!) Use the contact form to book Shoehorn or these other groups for your events, private and public! Check out the youtube channel and instagram and tiktok accounts listed below for various postings of new content. Donations are always appreciated, as these online accounts are not generating income otherwise....


 Check the youtube channel,  and miconshoehorn  on instagram and @mcshoehorn on  tiktok  for recent uploads! I am doing a series I call "Hidden Voices" where I overdub various instruments to a videos I record at home.

  I am also still doing socially distanced outdoor gigs, so hit me up if you want me to create some ambient sounds or do a show!

Also, Shoehorn has been doing some reels on instagram (miconshoehorn) and  joined TikTok as MCShoehorn. Check it out!