Happy National Tap Dance Day/ Memorial Day

Today's Rose Festiaval solo show was hot! I had happy feet! It was National Tap Dance Day, as established by the United States Congress in 1989 to recognize the role and stature of tap dance as an American art form. May 25th was chosen because it is the birthday of Bill "Bojangles" Robinson. I have been fortunate enough to meet and perform with many great artists in the jazz tap tradition, and last night I posted a photo of myself with the late, great Jimmy Slyde and Japanese performer Sadao Matsubara, taken in Tokyo on tour. Please hit the photo button on this website to view this and other pictures. http://ats.shoehornmusic.com/photos.html Coincidentally, May 25 was also Memorial Day this year. I personally hope we will stop sending our young people off to be killed in armed conflicts so this holiday loses some of it's sting over time. In my lifetime it seems all of the wars we were in were tragically bogus. As the father of two young Americans, my heart goes out to the families of those killed in action, regardless of differences of opinion about U.S. foreign policy. Sincerely, Shoehorn Buy the CD! I will be out of the hole soon on this one! Thanks for supporting my work! http://cdbaby.com/cd/shoehorn2 --the White Eagle Saloon Wednesday, MAY 27 Shoehorn and the Hatband - 8:30 to midnight Come and hear us- NO COVER! The White Eagle is located at: 836 N. Russel Street, Portland OR 97227 503-282-6810 NO COVER! Shoehorn's Hatband with Skip Elliott, Ezra Weiss and John Keyser plus special guests. Also: More of Shoehorn's solo act at the 2009 Portland Rose Festival Dex World Rhythm Stage Noon on May 28th, 2pm on June 4th There is a $5 cover to get into the Portland Rose Festival Waterfront Village, with some free days and kids under 7 free.