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Remember My Forgotten Man

Harry Warren


I borrowed the movie Goldiggers of 1933 from the library and this tune is the centerpiece, complete with a Busby Berkley choreographic extravaganza. I thought the whole setup resembles our current socio-politico-economic crisis. I love the visionary speech the producer character does when the song is introduced in a rehearsal scene.


Remember my forgotten man You put a rifle in his hand- you sent him far away, you shouted hip-horay!, but where is he today? Remember my forgotten man. He used to cultivate the land, he walked behind a plow, the sweat fell from his brow, but look at him right now! But once he used to love me I was happy then He used to take care of me, oh won't you bring him back again? Cause ever since the world began a woman's got to have a man- forgetting him, you see, means you're forgetting me, like my forgotten man!