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Shoehorn-Trio Calzador

Trio Calzador is the third CD by tap dancer and saxophonist Shoehorn. It features improvisation on original music inspired by the places he has visited and the people he has met, languages he has heard and attempted, sounds and smells, memories and possibilities in a parallel universe. He also just plain demonstrates the ability he has attained of playing a lead on sax, tapping the beat and rhythmic outline of a tune while playing a third part via feet, all in real time, with no sequencing, on the Tappercussion MarkVII e-tap MIDI controller. This e-tap is an amazing development which allows tap dancers to play chords, melodies, drums and tuned percussion, and sampled sounds with their feet. (see demo video on home page and "stuff for sale" if you want one of your own) Also featured on the album are three cover tunes, "Blue Bossa"(with e-tap), Brazilian tune "Manha de Carnaval"(Black Orpheus) and "Yosaku", a Japanese song originally done by Kitajima Saburo, sung in the original language by Shoehorn. There are a few solo numbers on the CD, one with e-tap ("Three Metals), a tap and sax "Malaguena" and a live "Liberty". The other players on the record are also exceptional. Bassist Skip Elliott Bowman, here playing the upright, is a versatile player much in demand in the Portland area. Guitarist Toshi Onizuka is a stylist drenched in Flamenco, who studied and performed professionally in Spain for five years. Here he shows true international duende - he swings, funks it up, and takes us to Asia and Latin America with his lively strumming and pointed picking. The album is lively yet mellow sounding and is enjoyed by listeners from a wide range of demographic samplings.