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Dances with Instruments - DVD

Notes about the new MC Shoehorn DVD " Dances with Instruments" - August 27th, 2015
Part 1 ) Dances with Instruments

Fuego Azul ( Silk Road)

Game Plan: Gamelan

Crop Circles

It's Not You, It's Me

Waking Up in Mexico

One-Man Drum Circle

Neckstrapolation 2/27/15

Three Metals

Whole Blues


A Tapella
 Michael "Shoehorn" Conley alto & soprano saxophones, tap dance, Tappercussion™ e-tap™ instrument, bongos, percussion, fife, xylophone, harmonica

2 ) From the recording session for the CD 
"Wingin' It" by MC Shoehorn:

"Ice Cream and Bubbles"

"ZapaMan Theme"

MC Shoehorn: alto & soprano saxes, tap dance  Gordon Lee: Fender Rhodes  Miguel Bernal: conga, percussion
Scott Wardinsky: bongos, percussion Damian Erskine: electric bass  Martin Zarzar: drums
All songs by Michael Conley   

Chapters 1 & 2 Recorded by Kristopher White at the Map Room Studio, Portland, Oregon, February 25 & 27, 2015  
Video directed by Mauricio Valadrian of Azul Fuego Productions
2nd Camera by Arlo Rodiek
All tracks mixed by: _Kristopher White  Solo tracks mastered by: Kristopher White
Sextet tracks mastered by: Mark Frethem at Doctor Digital
Graphic Design: Isabel Sakura Conley    Cover photos: Mauricio Valadrian
Thanks to everyone who pitched in on Kickstarter- 
Associate Producers: Ira Perkins, Ryan Rogers

Part 3 ) How to build your own Tappercussion™ Mark VII e-tap™ instrument, by MC Shoehorn

This is a step by step tutorial on constructing and setting up an electric tap dance instrument- the Tappercussion™ e-tap™ Mark VII model. It is my wish that other artists take this instrument and do new things with it. I also build them by custom order.
Camera by Charles Moselle, Fairfax, CA
Editing by Sabrina at Gitane Films 
Produced by Michael Conley
℗2015 Michael Conley Kutsubera Music SPR-V01
©2015 Michael Conley Kutsubera Music SPR-V01