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Shoehorn at work

 Happy 2018 to Everyone! Year of the Dog!

Take a look at the calendar page to come and see a performance. I am also actively booking the coming season. I feel I experienced significant artistic and personal growth in 2017, but the madness of the world at large infringes on the calmness I feel in my heart. I also mourn the loss of 7 people I knew or worked with to illness and accidents. In 2018 I want to present more completed projects to the world, and if you are interested I always love to hear encouragement, advice, and funding ideas. Some projects I would like to tackle include a "Shoehorn Fakebook", a concert band arrangement of my compositions,  a solo CD project, extended technical capacity for my e-tap instruments, finishing visual works-in-progress, and a compilation of stories and poems. Thanks for looking at my site!

Holiday Events: Sometimes is seems like we are on a crash course to oblivion! But music and dance helps maintain our sanity and converts bad vibes into positive feelings for our fellow humans. We need this. Check the calendar page for upcoming Shoehorn performances and the News/Blog page for links to some reviews he wrote for Oregon Music News. Happy Holidays-  meaning ALL the holidays! Shoehorn performs killer sax & tap versions of Christmas tunes and other seasonal favorites, and has some calendar openings for your private event or holiday office party! Live it up while you have the opportunity! Blessings to all!

Fall Greetings:    I had a pretty good summer. My quartet had some gigs, including shows at Oregon Country Fair and a wedding, and I played sideman gigs with Chata Addy, Son de Cuba, Norman Sylvester, Baby Gramps and others. I've been working on new material and practicing vibes and drums, making loops and tapping and playing my sax like there is no tomorrow! I will post some new stuff as soon as I can edit some video tapes I uncovered, and post new recordings as I make them.


I hope everybody is having a great summer. I am out here doing what I do best and I am ready to rock it on another level. I have some new numbers in the act including found-object gongs and 4-foot drumsticks, which I also use to strike the floor by my feet. I am also doing "trance numbers" for real now with all my sounds going into a loop pedal, adding wonderful layers of harmony and rhythmic counterpoint. I always considered the trance aspect  part of my music, utilizing what I called "implied loops" to create movement, but this looping tool is very powerful and opens up a new dimension to my sound in spontaneous creations. I actually created and used loops in my 1998 recording, on the CD "The Shoehorn Swing", available from cdbaby with my other 6 titles. I am recording a solo audio album for release in the near future, in response to audience request, and I will also be posting some new videos on my facebook page:

This video of a show at Moisture Festival was suggested as the lead reel by a good friend in the business- take a look!


Update: April 23, 2017

Hey folks, music and love are the only thing keeping me sane in this crazy world!

Bringing light to darkness, it is a life-affirming force, and I hope that goes not just for me but all of you. If you can, purchase a CD or download, spread the word about my work to your networks and invite me to perform and teach in your city or town.

Thank you!


  Here is a clip, with the band, titled "Ice Cream and Bubbles" which is part of both of these projects:

"Fuego Azul (Silk Road)"  is a solo number from the DVD

"Dances with Instruments"

Entertainer MC Shoehorn- tap dancer and saxophonist (and multi-instrumentalist/vocalist) works as a solo performer, bandleader, soloist, accompanist and sideman.

MC Shoehorn makes music with his feet and dances with his horn, combining body rhythms and sophisticated forms and concepts into improvised entertainment. Specializing in saxophone and tap dance, he's a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and composer, utilizing wind and percussion instruments, playing classic and original songs, with an ear for music from around the world.

My most recent CD is titled "Wingin' It". Check out this blurb:

A World Jazz Extravaganza with MC Shoehorn! The tap dancer and saxophonist  presents his new CD "Wingin' It" and his new DVD "Dances with Instruments". The CD has a strong Afro-Cuban flavor, with a Japanese twist. The music is grooving hard with bassist Damian Erskine, drummer Martin Zarzar, percussionists Miguel Bernal and Scott Wardinsky, and pianist Gordon Lee . "Wingin" It" features guest vocalist Eileen Conley on two tracks and Kite Giedraitis, leader of African-style marimba band Fools in Paradise, plays mbira and bass kalimba on one selection. (Two tracks from the CD recording session are also part of the DVD as well.)

For more videos, here is a link to my youtube channel: